Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quick Quip: Bakery On Main Granola

When I first found out I had to follow a strict gluten-free diet I was a little bit dense. There were so many foods that I just didn’t realize had gluten in them, gluten derivatives or cross- contamination. So when I would get sick I was very confused to say the least. Granola was one such food. Even when I would read the ingredients label and it “seemed” fine I would get sick- then I would go on the website and see that it was not gluten- free. At least I knew WHY I was getting sick but I was still annoyed. Now I have found one granola that is deliciously gluten free- Bakery On Main Gourmet Naturals.

I was so used to just passing up granola that I didn’t even think to try Bakery On Main, even though it is advertised as “gluten free”, when I used to pass it in the grocery stores in Brooklyn. I was so over granola. But recently my boss sent me a gluten- free gift basket with granola and my fear of granola melted away. Bakery on Main is better than any granola I remember in my gluten days. My favorite Bakery on Main “flavor” is Cranberry Orange Cashew Granola. Their mix of ingredients is dead on- just enough crunchiness and sweetness to fill you up in the morning before you go on your way. Being full after breakfast is always a challenge for me- but not when I have a bowl of this granola. Their base for the granola is corn and rice and their flavors include “Cranberry Orange Cashew”, “Rainforest”, “ Apple Raisin Walnut”, “Maple Cranberry” and “Extreme Fruit and Nut”. Even if you are not gluten- free this is some fabulous granola! Delish!

For a list of Bakery on Main’s gluten free products (which are also casein and dairy free) along with store locations, coupons and recipes check out their website:
Photo from Bakery-On-Main.

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