Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick Quip: Marys Gone Crackers!

I have always been a cracker person. I am a huge fan of cheese and crackers- I could probably eat them for every meal just about every day. One Thanksgiving my grandfather’s crazy third wife served us all cheese and crackers for Thanksgiving dinner. Everybody was furious- except for me I was happy as a clam. I again was as happy as a clam when I discovered Mary’s Gone Crackers Crackers. They are no regular lame cracker that needs cheese, dip or some other accompaniment to add flavor. Mary’s crackers easily stand by themselves on the flavor front. They offer their cracker in five flavors including original, caraway, black pepper ( my fav), herb (my #2) and onion. The mix of multiple gluten-free flours and seeds are what make this cracker so wonderful- all of the flavors play off of each other- brown rice, flax seeds, sesame seeds, amaranth, millet, quinoa and more. And- everything is organic- even better!
Mary’s has recently added “Sticks and Twigs” to their line of products – a pretzel like version of their cracker available in chipotle tomato (my fav), sea salt and curry. They are a great snack to throw in your purse or car and have as a quick snack while running errands or when hunger hits.
In my opinion Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers are a must- have in any gluten- free cabinet. Even if you are not gluten-free these crackers are heads and tails above any other cracker I have tasted. Check out ordering information, store locations and more on their website at


shaygo said...

I love love love Mary's crackers and I can eat gluten -- that's how delicious they are! Also -- maybe one day you can elaborate on that third wife of your grandfather's -- I feel like there's more there.

Lindsey said...

So glad that you backed me up on how great these crackers are! They are great to have at a party if you are gf and don't want to hear your friends say "oh these are your WEIRD crackers"
And one day I'm sure I will elaborate on the third wife. Maybe even the fourth if you are lucky.... My grandfather definitely keeps things interesting!